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Coalition 2000 convened the Sixth Annual Anticorruption Policy Forum on February 17, 2004 at the Boyana Conference Hall. The Policy Forum is a high profile public event for anti-corruption initiatives, supporting the efforts of the civil society and public institutions in the fight against corruption. The Policy Forum convenes once a year to review the results of the preceding period, and to provide guidelines for the work over the next year.

Members of the Policy Forum are prominent public personalities with established integrity and reputation as well as representatives of public and private institutions. The main purpose of the Forum is to discuss the annual Corruption Assessment Report.

"...(Coalition 2000) is certainly contributing to raise the awareness and to restrict corruption in the Bulgarian society through a very widespread partnership between state institutions, non governmental organizations and individuals.

...I deem it most appropriate to stress the importance of publishing this report on a regular basis. This effort reflects and matches the increasing concern and awareness of the Bulgarian society in facing corruption through an approach based on a balanced and realistic view on the situation. As Spain knows by its own experience, constructive self-criticism paves the way to improvement and progress."

Mr. Jose Lopez-Jorrin, Ambassador of Spain to Bulgaria

"The evolution of Coalition 2000’s corruption indexes and corruption assessment reports reflect Bulgaria’s public debate on corruption and have followed a trend from increasing public awareness to discussion of specific issues relating to corruption in Bulgaria.

The United States has supported and will continue to support Bulgaria’s efforts to improve judicial governance and make its judiciary more transparent and accountable. In this regard, Coalition 2000’s report provides constructive recommendations on how to elaborate some of issues I have already identified."

Ms. Debra McFarland, Mission Director, USAID/Bulgaria

Participants in the Sixth Anticorruption Policy Forum
From left to right: Mr. Jose Lopez-Jorrin, Ambassador of Spain to Bulgaria, Mr. Anton Stankov, Minister of Justice, Dr. Ognian Shentov, Chairman, Center for the Study of Democracy
Ms. Ekaterina Michailova, MP, Union of the Democratic Forces, Deputy Chair, Parliamentary Committee on Legal Issues (left) and Dr. Maria Yordanova, Director of Law Program, Center for the Study of Democracy
Mr. Alexander Stoyanov, Director, Vitosha Research
Mr. Hristo Manchev, Deputy Prosecutor General, Head of the Supreme Prosecution Office of Cassation (left) and Mr. Boyko Kotsev, Deputy Minister of Interior

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