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Seminar "Corruption and Local Authorities"


On April 26, 2001, in the town of Plovdiv, the Association of Municipalities "Hebar" organized a seminar entitled "Corruption and Local Authorities" in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Democracy. Mayors, deputy mayors, representatives of district authorities took part in it. The opening session was chaired by Mr. Kiril Aleksandrov, Deputy Governor of Pazardjik district. During the first part of the seminar Mr. Petkan Iliev, Associate Professor, University of National and World Economy, reported on "Corruption and Local Authorities. The Administrative Reform against Corruption". During the second part Mr. Iliev informed the audience about the Corruption Indexes of Coalition 2000. Transparency of services offered by local administration, possibilities for surveys on corruption in municipal economies and many other issues were discussed by all the participants.

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