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Round Table: Anti-Corruption Education


A round-table on anti-corruption education was held on February 4, at the Center for the Study of Democracy, organized by Coalition 2000. A number of university professors, representatives of state institutions and experts attended the meeting.    

Mr. Antony Todorov, associate professor at the New Bulgarian University and a Coalition 2000 consultant, presented the Anti-Corruption Manual, which will be published shortly. The manual contains twelve topics written by several authors, covering all areas of corruption practices and anti-corruption initiatives and instruments as well. The manual is dedicated for a specialized course to be included in the university curricula of the New Bulgarian University.

All participants in the discussion supported the idea of introducing anti-corruption programs at different levels of the education system in this country, including high schools, where such topics could be discussed during the “tutor’s hour”.

Anti-Corruption Manual Cover

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