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The initiative Integrated community, probation and prison services radicalisation prevention approach (INTEGRA) strives to improve the transition processes between prison and / or probation systems and scope for people at risk of radicalization or who have been radicalized It attempts to achieve this outcome by promoting a holistic radicalisation prevention initiative focusing on skills development of offenders, front line staff and civil organisations working in the field.

Between 2nd and 6th December 2019, the Center for the Study of Democracy hosted the second joint training for prison and probation staff from Bulgaria, Greece, France and Portugal. The training was attended by 65 officers in various positions in the penitentiary systems of the four countries.

Among the goals set by the partners from the four countries are the expansion of existing practices regarding work with people at risk of radicalization and extremists, achieving a better understanding of the role of officers in penitentiary systems regarding the approaches to comprehensive prevention of radicalization and methods for deradicalization. Creating an appropriate environment for the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between relevant authorities and organizations with regard to people at risk of radicalization or radicalized offenders is a key step towards achieving these goals, which byitself would ensure that convicted extremists or persons at risk of radicalization begin a consistent process during and after completing their sentence, which effectively leads to a reduction in violence and the overall level of recidivism of such offences.

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