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PERCEPTIONS: Human Rights and Migration


On 15 December 2022 the CSD held a national dissemination event. The main outcomes of the PERCEPTIONS Initiative were presented. The film 'Dystopia', created within the framework of the PERCEPTIONS by Samuel Sebastian - writer, producer and director from Valencia, and Sergey Shubin - executive producer from Swansea University, was screened. Representatives of the main stakeholders in Bulgaria (the State Agency for Refugees, the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior, the Social Assistance Agency, the Ombudsman, the Court and the Prosecutor's Office, NGOs working with migrants), lawyers and individual experts were invited. A representative of the project partner, the Border Police Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, and experts from the Centre's project team also participated.

CSD’s Leda Kuneva took part in the Migration, Cultural Diversity and Life Prospects under Conditions of Global Crisis Conference, organised by the Institute for Population and Human Studies with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,  on 24-25 November 2022 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In a talk based on published research by the Center for the Study of Democracy and CENTRIC (Sheffield Hallam University) under the PERCEPTIONS H2020 initiative, Mrs. Kuneva questioned the modalities of knowledge production in the field of migration and integration with specific emphasis on the role of certain groups of stakeholders as creators and proliferators of narratives. Further work on migration knowledge production can be found in the “Information and Communications Technology in Support of Migration” edited volume.

Maria Yordanova, Senior Research Fellow, CSD Law Program, member of the PERCEPTIONS project team, took part in the hybrid conference Migration in Focus: Addressing Informational Challenges in Humanitarian Actions, held on 15-16 December 2021, organized under MIRROR project. Ms Yordanova presented main results of the empirical study among practitioners within the PERCEPTIONS Initiative.

During the film "Dystopia", 15 December 2022, Sofia

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