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Оffshore Wind for the wider Black Sea


CSD experts, Dr. Mariya Trifonova and Martin Vladimirov, presented on 31 March 2022 in Brussels the opportunities for Black Sea energy cooperation in an expert workshop on offshore wind energy hosted by the Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS). The objective of the discussion titled Think basins, not borders: offshore wind for the wider Black Sea was to explore the potential of Black Sea countries for unlocking the region's enormous low-carbon potential The meeting gathered policy-makers, industry leaders, utilities, project developers, NGO representatives and independent experts. 

Mr. Vladimirov highlighted the important role that offshore energy could play for improving the security of supply in the region in the wake of the Russian aggression in Europe, and the reduction of the region's overreliance on fossil fuel imports from Russia. Dr. Trifonova outlined the potential for offshore wind energy development in the Bulgarian section of the Black Sea and discussed the funding prospects for co-development of cross-border infrastructure and coordinated modernization of the Romanian and Bulgarian ports with a focus on the mechanisms for technical assistance which are available under the EU facilities. Timely aligned project planning and implementation in the region could be beneficial for the optimal use of supply chains as well as for the formation of local technology and R&D clusters and respectively for sustainable economic growth in Black Sea communities. 

CSD continues its work on transferring best practices and expertise from more advanced offshore energy markets considering the local context and current barriers to large-scale offshore technology deployment. 

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