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International Conference оn "Тransparency in the NGO sector"

Аn international conference organized in Amsterdam by “Europhil Trust” discussed the need for transparency in the NGO sector.

“The only common thing between NGOs is that they are all different,” said Fritz Hondius at the international conference which his “Europhil Trust” hosted in Amsterdam on September 27-28, 1999 together with three other institutions. According to Hondius, even though non-governmental organizations are different, they all must be transparent in order to fulfill their civic mission.

The conference in Amsterdam discussed an important case-study – the draft law on Russian NGOs which will soon be submitted to the Russian authorities. Coalition 2000 anti-corruption activities were presented at the conference by Emil Tsenkov, Coordinator of the Coalition. An agreement was reached among participants about the necessity to foster international cooperation to curb corruption. That seemed easy to achieve in a city like the capital of Netherlands, which is famous for its openness to the world.

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