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International Conference: Awareness Raising of SMEs of the Opportunities for Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolutions - EU Approaches and Best Practices

The conference was held on April 22-23, 2004 in Sheraton Hotel Balkan - Sofia. It was organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was aimed at popularization of the alternative dispute resolution means, especially arbitration and mediation, and exchange of information and opinions.

Dr. Maria Yordanova, Director of CSD Law Program and Dr. Silvi Chernev, Chairman of the Court of Arbitration with BCCI presented jointly a report on Mediation and Conciliation - Alternative Dispute Resolution Means Problems in the Legal Framework and Practice in Bulgaria.
The reports delivered at the conference were published in a collection in both Bulgarian and English. The collection will be wiely distributed among organizations, institutions and experts concerned.

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