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Integrating refugee and asylum-seeking children in the educational systems of EU Member States: second seminar


On 14 December 2011 CSD organised the second seminar within the framework of the INTEGRACE project. The partners discussed the structure of the Handbook on integration of refugee and asylum-seeking children (RASC) in the educational systems of EU Member States and its dissemination.

The partners agreed on the proposed by the CSD Handbook structure. The paper copy of the Handbook will contain ten selected country reports and evaluation of selected best practice and Social impact assessment reports. In addition, there will be published two comparative reports: one on educational integration of RASC in the different EU Member States, the other on promoting best practices in the area of educational integration of RASC. The rest of the reports will be copied on a CD and disseminated with the Handbook.

The partners discussed that the recommendations made in the Country and Evaluation Reports should be summarized and clearly listed as a separate section at the end of the Handbook. As a result of that the most important recommendations should be included in the executive summary of the Handbook.

Workshop participants:

Nando Sigona, Member of the Advisory Board
Krystyna Iglicka, Center for International Relations, Poland
Mati Heidmets, Tallinn University
Luigi Bellesi, CENSIS, Italy
Anna Italia, CENSIS, Italy
Mario Battaglini, CENSIS, Italy
Helmut Sax, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Austria
Sabine Mandl, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, Austria
Ingegerd Rydin, Halmastad University, Sweden
Monica Eklund, Halmastad University, Sweden
Veronika Bajt, Peace Institute, Slovenia
Andrey Nonchev, CSD, Bulgaria
Mila Mancheva, CSD, Bulgaria
Kamelia Dimitrova, CSD, Bulgaria
Svetla Encheva, CSD, Bulgaria
Teodora Lukanova, CSD, Bulgaria

* Project co-financed under the European Refugee Fund. Sole responsibility lies with the author and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein.

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