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On January 27, 2004 the World Bank Bulgaria office and the Center for the Study of Democracy organized the first videoconference of the GDLN Dialogue Series on Governance for Young Leaders in Eastern European Countries. The aim of the series is to help participants play a more effective role in promoting governance and fighting corruption in their countries through sharing experience, knowledge, best practice and latest research on good governance. Young leaders from the central and local governments, parliaments, civil society organizations, media, private sector and the academia of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Serbia-Montenegro took part in the discussions.

In the first session Understanding Governance challenges. The regional record: A look at a period of massive economic and institutional change the speakers Mr. Daniel Kaufmann from the World Bank Institute and Mr. Francisco Cardona from SIGMA, OECD introduced participants to the key issues of governance and to concepts such as accountability, effectiveness, transparency and legitimacy of government. This session also used the latest analytical tools and updated data on the region to look at some of the success stories and lessons learned. Sobering World Bank data shows that there is no dramatic improvement in governance on a global level for the past twenty years.

From left to right: Mr. Martin Gramatikov, Assistant Proffesor, Sofia University; Mr. Momchil Ninov, Ministry of Labor and Sosial Policy; Ms. Alexenia Dimitrova, Investigative Journalist, 24 chasa daily
The Bulgarian participants
Mr. Francisco Cardona from SIGMA
Participants from Bosnia

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