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On October 30, 2018, CSD took part in a one-day workshop held in Vidin, Bulgaria, the topic of which was “Youth Employment in Northwestern Bulgaria: Reality and Perspectives.” Present at the workshop were local stakeholders including representatives of the Vidin Public Employment Service office, representatives of local schools, youth and health mediators, a member of the local branch of the National Committee for Protection against Discrimination, representatives of the local evangelical community. CSD presented results from a study it conducted in northwestern Bulgaria on the outreach of the EU Youth Guarantee schemes to Roma youth in the region.

Participant discussion breeched the topics such as the lack of qualified labor in the region; the tendency of Roma youth to leave Bulgaria and pursue work abroad; the reasons why businesses may feel demotivated to participate in EU Youth Guarantee schemes; the challenges of motivating Roma youth and local youth in general to pursue education; the need for more commitment in participation in youth employment processes by local business; the need for a closer connection between business and educational institutions.

The workshop was organized by World Without Borders with the support of CSD as part of the initiative “Mind the Gap: Facilitating Access to and Take Up of Youth Guarantee Measures by Roma Youth in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.”

During the workshop “Youth Employment in Northwestern Bulgaria: Reality and Perspectives”, 30 October 2018, Vidin

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