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Coalition 2000 Receives International Recognition for its Corruption Monitoring System

Coalition 2000 was asked to share its internationally recognized experience with continuous corruption monitoring and its effects in Bulgaria and to provide advice and consultancy at the workshop “Development of a Methodology for a Rapid Assessment in the Field of Corruption”, Budapest June 8-9, 1999, organized by CICP (Centre for International Crime Prevention, United Nations Office at Vienna) and UNICRI (United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Rome). The workshop was also attended by international experts, representatives of the Hungarian government and representatives of research institutes in Hungary (who will be in charge of the assessment research).

The workshop is an element of the cooperative agreement signed on June 9, 1999 by the government of Hungary and the UN. This initiative is the first pilot project in the framework of the Global Program against Corruption of the UN.

Coalition 2000 was represented by Alexander Stoyanov. He participated in the group of international experts at the workshop and provided information about the Corruption Monitoring System (CMS) of Coalition 2000. The CMS of Coalition 2000 has been used to prepare the research methodology (survey design, questionnaires, etc.) of the Standard Corruption Monitoring Protocol to be implemented as part of the Hungarian pilot project along with other international experience in corruption assessment research (e.g. WB, IMF, TI and others).

The main objective of the assistance requested by the Hungarian government was to specify the survey design and methodology to be employed in the Hungarian corruption monitoring effort. At the meeting it was decided to form a Steering Committee which will monitor the implementation of the corruption assessment instruments. The SC will have a co-chair from CICP and from the Hungarian government and will also include Alexander Stoyanov (Coalition 2000). The next meeting of the SC will be in September or October 1999 to discuss the results of the pilot test of survey instruments.

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