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Coalition 2000 Corruption Indexes for April 1999

The Coalition 2000 Corruption Indexes Indicate a Decline in Corruption.

The practical effectiveness of corruption has continued to decline, the Coalition 2000 Corruption Indexes for the second quarter of 1999 indicate. Compared to February 1999, the index for the practical effectiveness of corruption has dropped from 6.9 to 6.7. The decline is even bigger when compared to June 1998 when the index was 7.4.

The susceptibility to corruption index has also fallen. In April 1999 the value of the index was 3.2 - down by 0.8 points compared to February 1999. When compared with June 1998 the decline is impressive - a total of 1.7 points. The survey has registered a decrease in corruption pressure as well. The reduction is from 1.7 in February to 1.5 in April this year. When compared to June 1998 the drop is considerable - from 2.1 to 1.5.

Though not that significantly, the value of the index for the personal involvement in corrupt practices has also fallen. In April 1999 the index was 0.9 whereas in February this year and in June 1998 it was 1.0. The index for the spread of corrupt practices is also showing an improvement. The index dropped from 6.5 in February 1999 to 6.3 in April this year.

At the same time, the latest survey has found an increase in the acceptability in principle of corrupt practices. In April 1999 acceptability to corrupt practices grew by 0.1 point compared to February 1999 to reach 2.1 whereas in June 1998 the index was 1.5. Corruption expectations of citizens also remain high. The April 1999 value of the index is 5.4, the same as it was in February this year.

The Coalition 2000 April 1999 survey has not registered a significant change in the chart of the most corrupt professions. The first position is occupied by customs officers followed by lawyers, judges and prosecutors. Police officers and business persons come after them. Compared to the previous survey conducted in February 1999, doctors went down in the chart from third to seventh position. They are now followed by tax officials, civil servants at ministries and investigators.

For the first time the sociological survey of Coalition 2000 has produced a chart of the most corrupt institutions. According to survey respondents, worst of all is corruption at the Customs, which are followed by the police, tax authorities and the Foreign Aid Agency. The survey indicates that the least corrupt institutions are the Presidency, the National Institute of Statistics ant the army.

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