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Strategic Assessment for Law and Police Cooperation

The European Investigation Order (EIO) is one of the important specific measures promoting judicial cooperation among the Member States in criminal matters. This new tool based on mutual recognition to obtaining evidence for use in criminal proceedings is designed to facilitate the fight against transnational crime and terrorism while respecting fundamental rights. The Center for the Study of Democracy is among the 10 partners from 9 EU countries which implement the STRATEGIC ASSESSMENT FOR LAW AND POLICE COOPERATION (SAT-LAW) initiative.

The SAT-LAW initiative studies the application of the European Investigation Order (EIO) on the basis of both qualitative and quantitative information, including the coherence and interrelation with other judicial instruments to harmonise and improve judicial and police cooperation. Judicial Living Labs covering several thematic areas, are designed to serve as intermediaries among magistrates, prosecutors, LEAs, intelligence, research organisations, and specialised NGOs for joint value assessment and innovative solutions, for increasing their capacity to address issues related to judicial cooperation in criminal matters, as well as for improving dialogue between the judicial authorities of the EU Member States involved. 

SAT- LAW is intended to:

  • EXPLORE the transposition and implementation of the Directive 2104/41/EU regarding the European Investigation Order in criminal matters and application of the criteria of proportionality and respect of fundamental rights 
  • ANALYSE the coherence between EIO and other judicial instruments (e.g. European Arrest Warrant, European Protection Order etc.) in the context of respect to fundamental rights (in particular the rights of suspects and accused)
  • ASSESS the relations of the EIO with the functioning of Mutual Legal Assistance Instruments, in particular with respect to the exchange of electronic data and financial information
  • PROMOTE judicial cooperation and responses to terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime, as well as cross-border access to electronic evidence, and its admissibility within trials. 

Maria Yordanova
Senior Fellow
Law Program

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