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Crime without Punishment
Political corruption and organized crime still remain largely crimes without punishment even after Bulgaria’s accession to the EU. Notwithstanding economic growth and past progress in its anti-corruption reforms, Bulgaria still displays two major deficits for countering corruption and organized crime: namely, of political will and of administrative capacity. more »
The informal economy in Bulgaria: Policy responses in an economic crisis
The annual Hidden Economy Index in Bulgaria for 2008 has registered a moderate decrease. In comparison, the index was 40% higher in 2002 when it was first assessed. The decrease is due to the shrinking of the hidden economy in all its assessed dimensions – tax evasion, hidden turnover and employment. However, business perceptions regarding the extent of the hidden economy in Bulgaria have kept on increasing since 2006. more »
Round Table: The Draft of the New Defense Law of the Republic of Bulgaria
On October 27, 2008 the Center for the Study of Democracy organized a public discussion of the draft of the new Defense Law of the Republic of Bulgaria with the participation of Mr. Nikolay Tsonev, Minister of Defense, General Zlatan Stoykov, Chief of General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, MPs, Deputy ministers, Ambassadors, Former Chiefs of the General Staff of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, representatives of the Presidency, civil organizations, experts and the media. more »
Public meeting of the National Crime Prevention Commission
On September 8 2008, the National Crime Prevention Commission held a public meeting entitled "The Dynamics of Conventional Crime in Bulgaria 2006-2007".
In his opening address, Mr. Mihail Mikov, Minister of the Interior, stressed the importance of the annual National Crime Surveys and the public presentation of their results, and praised the contribution of the Center for the Study of Democracy as an organization actively involved in crime prevention research. more »
Bulgaria’s International Competitiveness 2008
With the cooperation of the Center for the Study of Democracy Bulgaria was included for a third time in this most prestigious annual competitiveness ranking – IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2008. The Center for the Study of Democracy is official partner for Bulgaria of the World Competitiveness Center at IMD (International Institute for Management Development). The previous two issues of the Yearbook for 2006 and 2007 had a direct impact on Bulgarian competitiveness policy-making, and were quoted in strategic policy documents of the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Energy. more »
CSD Brief No 14: Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement along Bulgaria's Borders: The Impact of EU Accession
Enhanced criminal justice and improved cross-border cooperation between judicial and law enforcement authorities are essential for the EU and its Member States in order to effectively respond to the increasing threat of cross-border criminality. This policy brief is a follow up to the 2007 CSD report Reinforcing Criminal Justice in Border Districts and examines the attitude of and measures undertaken by the relevant stakeholders as regards the policy recommendations formulated by the report. more »
Organized Crime in Bulgaria: Markets and Trends
Rather than being deviant behavior, as it generally is in other societies, in post-communist states such as Bulgaria organized crime was an essential attribute of a society in transition from state to private property. These are part of the conclusions drawn in the CSD report Organized Crime in Bulgaria: Markets and Trends. more »
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in Border Districts
Further to Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union, almost half of the country’s frontiers (the ones with Turkey, Macedonia and the Black Sea) have become external borders of the EU. Hence, border crossing related criminal offences and violations, no longer represent a problem of Bulgarian national security alone: they have turned into a problem of EU security. more »
Corruption Tops the List of Public Concerns
This year for the first time in the last decade Bulgarians identify corruption as the main problem the country is facing. The most recent data presented by the Center for the Study of Democracy in the report Anti-Corruption Reforms in Bulgaria: Key Results and Risks and Corruption in Public Procurement: Risks and Reform Policies point out several important trends in corruption manifestation. more »
Ninth Annual Anticorruption Policy Forum
On 23 April 2007 the Center for the Study of Democracy held the Ninth Annual Anticorruption Policy Forum. The Forum is a high profile public event for anti-corruption initiatives, supporting the efforts of civil society and public institutions in the fight against corruption. The eighth consecutive Corruption Assessment Report, entitled “Anti-Corruption Reforms in Bulgaria: Key Results and Risks” was presented and discussed by the participants. The report presents an overview of anti-corruption reforms in Bulgaria in 2006 and 2007. more »

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