Stefan Karaboev

Analyst, Economic Program

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MA in "Public Policy and Management" from Sofia University, Bulgaria;
BA in "European Studies" from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.


Stefan Karaboev work as an analyst at the Economic Program. Stefan is responsible for project development and implementation on national, regional and EU levels. His research and analytical expertise is in primarily in the areas on European funding, good governance and anti-corruption policy, public procurement and public policy, civil society development. Stefan`s main professional activities involve policy research and analysis; writing policy reports and analytical publications; writing and preparing project proposals for European funding for CSOs; collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data; organization of events and other administrative tasks. Stefan currently works on several related projects on regional and European level, including the FP7 ANTICORRP research project, the EU Anti-Corruption Report and other initiatives, such as the Southeast Europe Leadership for Development and Integrity (SELDI).

Research Focus

Good governance and anti-corruption policy; Public procurement and European funding; Civil society development.

Selected publications

Governance of the Bulgarian public procurement sector: corruption risks and criminal prosecution” (in Bulgarian)
Crime and fraud in the public procurement sector: practical guide for preventing, countering and analyzing corruption risks” (in Bulgarian)

Improving governance in Bulgaria: Evaluating the Impact of EU Conditionality through Policy and Financial Assistance
The Bulgarian Public Procurement market: Corruption Risks and Dynamics in the Construction Sector
Addressing the Threat of Fraud and Corruption in Public Procurement: Review of State of the Art Approaches
Civil Society Involvement in Drafting, Implementing and Assessing Anticorruption Policies
Bulgarian Corruption Assessment Report: Anti-Corruption Policies against State Capture