Atanas Rusev, PhD

Senior Analyst, Security Program

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Master's degree in Social Psychology, Master's degree in Occupational and organisational psychology, Ph.D. in Organizational psychology, Sofia University


Atanas Rusev works on key projects of the Security Program of the Centre for Study of Democracy related to organised crime and criminal markets. At present he manages a project on the utilisation of confiscated criminal assets. Since 2003 he has also coordinated and worked on several research projects regarding drug use. Atanas Rusev is an author of reports on profile and risks of injecting drug use, discriminative practices against drug users and access to drug treatment in Bulgaria. For the period of 2004-2010 he managed various health prevention projects related to drug use, financed by the Global Fund to Fight HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the European Commission. During 2008-2010 he worked as an external consultant to the National Centre for Drug Addictions and the National Programme for prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, run by the Ministry of Health.

Research Focus

Organised crime; drug markets; prostitution markets; trafficking in human beings; confiscated criminal assets

Selected Publications:

  • Characteristics and Risky Behavior of Injecting Drug Users in Sofia. Effectiveness of Outreach Work in HIV Prevention and Harm Reduction. Initiative for Health Foundation, Sofia, 2004.
  • “Making Voices Heard’. Access to Health and Social Services for Substance Users: Part 5. Treatment of Drug Dependencies in Bulgaria. Survey on Treatment Demand and Barriers to Access among Problem Drug Users. Foundation Regenboog/AMOC, Amsterdam, 2008
  • “Discriminative Practices against Women Drug Users when Accessing Health Care Services During Pregnancy and Maternity. Initiative for Health Foundation, Sofia, 2008.


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