Mois Faion

Senior Fellow 

E-mail Dr. Mois Faion at: mois(dot)faion(at) ll Hi-res Photo


PhD, Institute of Balkan and Slavic Studies, Moscow

MBA, Yale University

MA (Philosophy), Sofia University


Dr. Faion was a Director of Research at CSD from 1991-1993. He managed the CSD publishing program, as well as policy research projects on economic and legal reform, ethnic relations and sociological surveys on social and political issues of the transition period. As a Financial Director, Dr. Faion oversees the financial performance of CSD and its subsidiaries. Dr. Faion  participated as a researcher in projects of CSD’s Security Program on the links between organized crime and corruption in EU member states, on cooperation between customs and border guards on EU external borders, anti-corruption policies in border guards, and enhancing police internal affairs departments. He has also studied various crime markets in the framework of the first Organized Crime Threat Assessment for Bulgaria.

Dr. Faion has over 10 years experience in the US private sector as financial professional and market researcher providing financial management and due diligence analysis for public US telecom companies.

Research Focus

Anti-corruption policies, conventional and organized crime, border management and migration, civil society and national security


English, Russian