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Innovation.bg 2007
The report Innovation.bg 2007 analyzes the state of the national innovation system and makes recommendations for enhancing the innovation performance of the Bulgarian economy. This year’s report makes a review of the European innovation policy and the opportunities it offers to Bulgaria. more »
CSD Brief No. 10: A Painful Shift in Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Policies and Practice
The most important shift in Bulgaria’s anti-corruption policies in recent months is the move from “soft” (awareness-raising) campaigns to “hard” (prevention and sanctions oriented) measures with immediate anti-corruption effects. more »
Fighting VAT Fraud: The Bulgarian Experience
This paper draws on the experience of Bulgaria in identifying the types and modus operandi of VAT frauds with a focus on the abuse of tax credit. It analyses the elements of tax design permissive of such abuses and discusses the possible solutions in the light of the international and domestic experience and the capacity of the tax administration. more »
CSD Brief No 8: The Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2006
Bulgaria’s position in the world oldest and most comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2006 of IMD (International Institute for Management Development) was presented several days before the European Commission report on Bulgaria’s readiness for accession. more »
Healthcare Reforms in Bulgaria: Towards Diagnosis and Prescription
The paper studies the policy response to the market failures and challenges of healthcare in transition. Bulgaria chose a halfway shift from healthcare services provided entirely by the state to a system with private providers of outpatient services and public providers of inpatient services, both sectors financed mainly by state-run compulsory payroll insurance system. more »
The report Innovation.bg continues the tradition set by the e-Bulgaria report to monitor Bulgaria's preparedness for the information society on annual basis. more »