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Bulgaria’s Energy Security and Diversification
The energy sector is of strategic importance for the sustainable socio-economic development of a country. For the past decade energy exports and imports in Bulgaria formed on average 12% (16% in 2008) and 21% (22% in 2008) of the value of the country’s outgoing and incoming trade flows respectively. In 2008, in a single year, the Bulgarian government committed to energy projects budgetary investments equal in value to the whole EU funds support for the country for the current European seven-year budgetary period (2007 – 2013).

Bulgarian government is under considerable internal and external pressure to make important strategic decisions within limited time frame: local energy lobby groups; global climate change movement and the related European Union binding targets on capping greenhouse gas emissions, decreasing energy intensity and increasing the share of renewable energy sources; economic impact of the current economic crisis; political pressure by foreign geopolitical and economic interests. However, in order to achieve a sustainable, diversified and secure energy sector, Bulgarian government needs to change the current decision making process to more transparent, data driven one, inclusive of all relevant stakeholders.

In order to achieve a more efficient decision-making process on the vital energy projects such as Belene, the government needs to: put energy diversification and security at the top of the policy agenda; take the necessary time to review the projects without allowing sunk costs and political pressures to influence the final decision; initiate independent expert review that will integrate latest available data, revised financial models and correct economic assumptions.

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