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The EU Energy Union and the Russian Gas Projects: Energy Choices and Energy Security in Europe
For years, Gazprom has been making serious efforts to create the impression that it is an independent gas company, competing at equal conditions on the European markets but there is hardly anyone in Europe, who would not think that Gazprom is used as an instrument of the Kremlin foreign and economic policy. more »
Improving Democratic Governance to Unlock Growth in Southeast Europe: Dialogue on Current Policies and Future Perspectives
The Berlin Process initiative opened a new chapter for EU integration of the Western Balkans countries, as the Southeast Europe (SEE) region continues to experience serious governance and democratic deficits. The Balkans Barometer 2016 of the Regional Cooperation Council shows that corruption remains one of the key concerns for the people in the Western Balkans. more »
Bulgaria’s International Competitiveness 2017
According to the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2017 of the Institute for Management Development (IMD, Switzerland), the Bulgarian economy, being driven by the EU, is slowly going out of stagnation. Bulgarian politicians and business managers have failed to improve the competitiveness of the country during the 10 years of EU membership. more »

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