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Organised crime has been one of the key areas of research for over a decade for CSD. Over this period numerous studies on criminal markets and activities have been conducted. CSD has partnered with national (Ministry of Interior and the Main Directorate Combating Organised Crime) or international law-enforcement agencies (Serious Organised Crime Agency (UK), Bundeskriminalamt, and Europol), or international organizations (UNODC) in implementing projects or conducting research. Since 2007 CSD through its consulting arm Project One EOOD has carried out research on behalf of the European Commission’s Directorate General Justice Freedom and Security (DG JLS) throughout all 27 EU Member States, partnering with the leading criminologists throughout Europe. Research articles of CSD’s researchers have appeared in international peer-reviewed journals and other peer-reviewed publications. CSD researchers are also active in the public policy dialogue on organized crime through regular appearance on all leading TV and radio networks, or as contributors to daily and weekly newspapers.



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The Illicit Tobacco Market: Limits to Institutional Enforcement
The trade in illegal tobacco products contributes to significant loss in state budget revenue for many countries. The traditionally high levels of illicit tobacco product’s consumption in Bulgaria have brought about an estimated BGN 4.83 billion in VAT and excise tax losses for the last ten years. The concerted efforts of Bulgarian authorities have brought about a significant reduction in the market for illicit cigarettes since 2015. more »
Cross-Border Organised Crime in the Context of the Migrant Crisis
The recent migration and refuge crisis poses significant challenges to European governments. The unprecedented migration pressure provided many avenues for the generation of major profits by organised criminal networks. more »


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CSD Policy Brief No. 75: The Tobacco Market in Bulgaria: Trends and Risks
The illicit tobacco market is one of the key sources of revenue for organized crime in Bulgaria. During the economic turmoil in 2009-2014 the annual proceeds from this criminal activity have reached between 0.5% and 1% of the country's GDP. At the same time the budget revenues from tobacco taxation (both excise and VAT) contribute for 9 and 10% per year of the overall tax revenues in Bulgaria. more »
Cross-border organised crime: Bulgaria and Norway in the Context of the Migrant Crisis
The irregular migrant and refugee crisis poses serious challenges for Europe. The unprecedented migration pressure presents an opportunity for the generation of substantial profits by organised criminal networks. The large influx of irregular migrants looking for facilitation has led to the development of human smuggling as a substantial criminal market in Europe. On the other hand, some countries have experienced a concurrent rise in human trafficking cases. more »

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